Yeah right normal people are always overwhelmed by gratitude after you've blown their town to smithereens and wasted a substantial portion of the population. Everyone around here is very polite. If Iraqis were sniping you your choice was clear, get the fuck out of there. "Well, shit on that dumbness, George W. Bush does not speak for me or my son or my mother or my friends or the people I respect in this world. combustibility. 1st posts were "folksy" (anyways.. ), then it's a "intellectual", then a tough guy. Denying enemy wounded or non-combatants equivalent medical treatment and care is a crime. Posted by: rapt | Nov 12 2005 2:53 utc | 91, "We have become a Nazi monster in the eyes of the whole world -- a nation of bullies and bastards who would rather kill than live peacefully. Remember that those commanding our troops, the officers, have careers on the line. But having Fallujah citizens come up and thank us after bombing the crap out of their city is probably one of the greatest feelings of accomplishment. Their objections aren't moral, though. Warning:These are extremely graphic images posted simply to show the true face of war. I think I'm done here. Smokes obscure vision and are used to hide troops, equipment, and areas from detection. By the way, this news has "shocked" my significant other here In response to a question seeking to clarify whether WP is a chemical weapon covered by the CCW : “any chemical that is used against humans or animals that causes harm... [is] considered chemical weapons... prohibited behavior” Haji is something I'm sure the Americans came up with. Specifically the rounds fired will be a roughly equal mix of High Explosive (HE) (various configuration and fuse settings) and White Phosphorus (WP) rounds intermixed on the target. bake” missions at the insurgents, using WP to flush them out and HE to take them out. "wow i messed up the italics on that one". It is their country not yours and they will do what they will do there. About a week ago we (here MoA) had an occasion to reflect on Billmon's site, and the creation of this site. But here's what I experienced, when we were letting the civilians BACK into Fallujah, many of them were of that age. Surrendering and then pulling a grenade is a crime. They are good at what they do. Only specific people listed with their photos. Posted by: annie | Nov 11 2005 17:13 utc | 44. Thanks Hannah. If the civilians were cleared out of Fallujah, then how do you explain multiple corroborated reports of up to 1/3 of the population being trapped, especially after the cordons were enforced and the city sealed ? Now that the media is running more than a few stories about this atrocity I've no doubt Rummy's dummies are hopping around like fleas with their ass on fire, begging all and sundry to piss on them. copyright owner. Posted by: A United States Marine | Nov 11 2005 17:34 utc | 47, A United States Marine:"Negative, I was in the FDC a good portion of the time and at no point heard any talk of Shake 'n Bake". There must be something we can do, surely there is something....Please, if you had any ideas about how to get the story out, please mention them. "The Americans were dropping some of the bodies into the Euphrates near Fallujah," said one ousted resident, Abdul Razaq Ismail. Even upon returning to their homes and finding them half destroyed, they would come up and thank us. The U.S. pulling out is going to begin the process of stabilization in Iraq as well as be the first move to give Iraqis true sovereignty. I agree with Outraged way upthread that the active media suppression is a very, very important issue here - because, unless it ends, it means that even overwhelming evidence will not deter the perpetrators. For this reason it is capable of dissolving the body parts with which it comes into contact, the mucous tissues being the most exposed to its effects. And then there were the first aid stations and ambulances. You can only do so much. Posted by: Pat | Nov 10 2005 3:13 utc | 18. But owning and using a flame thrower is not ok.